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Suzanne  Nichol

About Me

Suzanne Nichol is a Yorkshire based professional photographer with over 20 years experience in photographing a wide range of subjects including Weddings, Portraits and Pets.

Suzanne's aim is to capture the best in everyone and especially to show ladies of all ages and size how to see themselves as the beautiful and confident woman her best friends and partner see her as! Why wait ’til you’ve lost those pounds or your next milestone birthday? Learn to love every bit of yourself today with a personalized 'Confidence & Empowerment' photo shoot!

All you have to do is arrange your own hair and make up and bring along your fabulous outfits. When you're ready for your shoot Suzanne will coach you every step of the way on exactly what to do to ensure you have a set of amazing images you completely love!! It will not only be a fun experience but a real confidence building one too!!.

By appointment only, your photo shoot can take place either within the privacy of your own home or in a private studio within the premises of ‘Serendipity Ladies Health & Fitness’.

After the shoot has taken place, Suzanne will subtly edit each image and put them on to disc for you to keep. These files are saved as low resolution JPEG files and are suitable for previewing, email, Facebook and prints up to 6x4 size. Three 5x7 professional quality prints are included in the cost of your shoot.

For further information, prices and bookings please contact Suzanne directly on:

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01757 290299

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