Our Gym

As we are a ladies only gym, all our equipment is tailored to the needs of us girls!

We have a wide variety of cardio equipment, including:

  • Treadmills,
  • Recumbent Bikes,
  • Cross-trainers,
  • Elliptical Cross-trainers,
  • Reclined Cross-trainers,
  • Rowers,
  • Steppers,
  • Stair-master
  • Versa Climbers.

These machines will really improve your fitness levels as well as help you to burn body fat and increase muscle tone.

We have a range of resistance machines and free weights to sculpt your body to the shape you desire, this includes:

  • dumbbells,
  • medicine balls,
  • battle ropes,
  • power bags,
  • kettle-bells,
  • smith machine.

Our qualified staff will assist you to ensure correct technique and that you are using the equipment effective for the results you desire.

Not forgetting our large abs and core area, for the all-important work on our waistlines. We have a large range of core stability equipment such as bosu, core balls, balance boards, mini balance pods, Reebok easy stone steps, even a hula hoop to make core training more fun.

All of this is in a pretty environment to make training much more pleasurable. Why not call in to look around and see for yourself.

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