Sarah Tremble

Sarah Tremble

Hi, I’m Sarah, I have worked in the gym for 12 years before I bought it from the previous owner, so have plenty of experience in helping ladies achieve their goals.

I’m fully qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer, level 3 Ante/Post Natal specialist instructor, level 3 in Nutrition and Weight Management, level 3 GP Referral specialist and level 4 Back Pain specialist instructor.

I’m the crazy girl that loves leg day! My all time favourite exercise is the squat, any style, I just love them, and I guess my least favourite has to be a press up.

I love nothing more than taking part in extreme mud runs or obstacle races, they are so much fun and really push you to your limits.

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Fran Mawson

Fran Mawson

Hiya I’m Fran, I got into health and fitness about 3 years ago when I started running, entered my first 10k and this year completed my first marathon! Crazy!

I was fascinated by what my body could achieve, and want to inspire and motivate others, help them do the same and feel great.

With Sarah’s help I have achieved my level 2 fitness instructor qualification and as well as being a member of Serendipity I also get to work with our lovely members regularly. I love running, insanity, zumba, and the gym of course! My favourite exercise has got to be mountain climbers and my worst would definitely be Jump squats.

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Sophie Jenkins

Sophie Jenkins

Hi! I’m Sophie. I’m a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer. Having grown up competing in Track & Field events (sprints and hurdles), my passion now lies with strength training. I have particular interests in performance based nutrition, postural restoration and bodybuilding. My favourite exercise is the deadlift, but I also love training shoulders and legs. Least favourite exercise – I don’t really have one, but I’m not so great at bodyweight exercises! My personal goals are to improve my strength on all lifts, and improve my weak areas for the next competition season. I am here if you need any help achieving and maintaining your fitness goals. Get your mind healthy first, the body will follow!

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Amanda Machin

Amanda Machin

Hi I’m Amanda and I joined the team in September 2016. I’m a qualified level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 personal trainer.

I’ve always been an active person and spent many years playing football and taking part in muddy obstacle runs. Now, in my spare time, I enjoy being active, running around after my 2 little boys and running an outdoor bootcamp class near where I live.

My favourite classes are Kettlebells and Spinning and my favourite exercises are anything with a handheld weight, but I also quite like a good burpee too. My most hated exercise is the mountain climber.

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